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Brand culture

Innovating energy saving technology    Protecting ecological earth

Innovating energy saving technology

By virtue of disruptive innovation, we transform and lead the industry;
We persist in breaking through scientific bottlenecks, expanding the technical boundaries, and plowing deep into the environmental protection sector, endeavor unremittingly to achieve green and sustainable development, and to create a better world.

Protecting ecological earth

It is incumbent on us to undertake the mission of energy conservation and emission reduction for the society, the ecosystem, and the future generation.
We relay our Love through science for our dear friends, relatives, and next generation, and for the human kind, and safeguard our homeland by virtue of our creation.

A global leading service provider of solutions of industry energy conservation, environmental protection, and comprehensive utilization of resources

Global Leader

Leading products, technologies and services.
Leading products mean that our technical design schemes are globally competitive, and our product construction quality exceeds international standards;
Leading technologies mean that on the basis of our disruptive core technologies, we make continuous breakthroughs through our persisting innovation, and reach the world advanced level;
Leading services mean that whatever we do, we do it for our clients. We provide pragmatic and professional services to satisfy our clients and win their trust.

Solution provider

By integrating R&D, manufacturing, and service resources, we provide general solutions from design and production, to construction, operation and maintenance to optimize the collaboration effect of each sectors, and to maximize the values for our clients.

Technical proposal supplier and engineering contractor in the energy conservation, environmental protection, and comprehensive utilization of resources

Devoted to the R&D and popularization of such technologies in the steel-making and non-ferrous industries

Lean Quality  Disruptive Innovation Being Responsible

Lean Quality

Strategy of building an international brand, world leading new technologies, professional talents, first-class operational and managerial level

Disruptive Innovation

Preserve our vanguard nature in the industry; technology geared change, innovation initiation, solutions to industry problems

Being Responsible

Undertake social responsibilities to benefit the people


The abstract Hand indicates Grasp and Guard, grasping new technologies to upgrade the industry, and guarding our green homeland.

The shape of Flame inside indicates Combustion and Confidence.Our core technologies have much to do with combustion, our innovation in combustion achieves low carbon, emission reduction, energy conservation, and environmental protection;Confidence indicates that we are confident to our cause, our leadership in the industry, and our faith in the low-carbon energy-saving society in the future.


The base color, green, is magnanimous and firm, representing our pursuing green technology, life and future.