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Learning development


Learning Development

systematic training to avail your career development

During development, Shenwu Energy Saving has been always perusing the talent development strategy of Learning Organization.To fully mine our employees' potentials we complement one another perfectly; big pictures in mind, we start our work in detail; from the just needs of our employees, we provide them the tailor-made professional training for each.Relying on some universities and institutes, we evolve our unique youth talents cultivation program, build a platform to high end researchers for further study, and support them with abundant learning resources.We encourage our young employees to the project site for investigation, to apply what they learnt to their work and exploration, so that they can get involved into their work in the quickest and efficient way, and finally make progress.
training at company level + department level, hierarchically and monthlyWhat are to be trained cover our company's basic business, expertise, professional promotion, and management optimization to help our employees fulfill themselves in a quicker, better and higher way.
We encourage our all employees to receive such training.Our company's trainers, in-company lecturer team, can better meet special training needs of our employees. They can also enjoy public training opportunities to better grasp frontier management skills and approaches.
We believe receiving training shall never be passive, we encourage our employees to learn new knowledge and new skills, and build a Learning Organization to back our fast development.