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Chairman's Statement

With the development of society and economy, we pay greater and greater attention to our living environment, bringing energy saving and emission reduction to stand in the breach as one of a critical historic issues now and in the near future for all human beings.

Guided by the scientific outlook on developing for years, we have been taking energy conservation and emission reduction as our duty. We devote our hearts and soul to energy conservation, emission reduction, research, and engineering promotion of non-BF iron-making technologies in metallurgy, gaining good social and economic benefits, and contributing our country and the world.

Looking right to the future, what faces us is a brand-new low-carbon economic times.

We will endeavor to forge a high-tech enterprise with core technologies and competence featuring innovation and sustainable development, and a reliable and trustworthy EPC contractor in metallurgical industry, by following the people oriented guide line, boosting technological and managerial innovation, cultivating experts, and organizing our own core technicians and manager teams. We are advancing with big strides aiming a first class engineering company at international level to contribute more to the energy saving and emission reduction undertaking for mankind.

Thank you for your attention, care, trust and support!

Let’s work hand in hand for our energy saving and emission reduction undertaking, and for our beautiful homeland.