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Co-president Li Weiqun of CSM visits Shenwu


On Aug.17, 2017, Co-president Li Weiqun, SVPs Wang Hongtao, Tian Yu and Nie Xuedong and another two delegates from China Science & Merchants Capital Management visited Shenwu Group and were warmly received by Chairman Dr. Wu Daohong and Deputy General Manager Cheng Guohua of Shenwu Group. 



Accompanied by Deputy General Manager Cheng Guohua, Co-president Li Weiqun first visited Shenwu Energy Saving & Atmospheric Haze Treatment Technology Laboratory, and debriefed an introduction to the operation principle, applicability of raw materials, economic efficiency of technology, environmental benefits and global industrialization promotion of Shenwu’s several revolutionary technologies relating to acetylene-based coal chemical generation, rapid pyrolysis of pulverized coal coupling energy conservation, denitration and power generation, etc. Dr. Geng Cengceng of Beijing Shenwu Power Technology Co., Ltd. introduced the company's development history, business scope, competitive advantages and project layout to visiting guests in detail.


At the exchange meeting, Dr. Wu Daohong warmly welcomed Co-president Li Weiqun and other delegates. According to him, several revolutionary energy-conservation and emission-reduction technologies independently researched and developed by Shenwu, as compared with similar foreign technologies, are in a leading position internationally and have lower production cost and better environment performance; Shenwu’s products may bring benefits to the company while solving the environmental pollution problems. As "the 3rd generation waste disposal technology", Shenwu’s new technology of converting household waste, biomass, sludge and other organic solid wastes to "synthetic oil, synthetic gas and solid carbon" is to pyrolyze organic solid wastes such as MSW, biomass and other organic solid wastes in an oxygen-free environment to generate synthetic natural gas, synthetic oil, synthetic gas and solid carbon through chemical decomposition methods. In the whole process, there are no harmful substances such as dioxin and heavy-metal-bearing fly ash. At present, the technology has not only been popularized rapidly in China, but foreign countries like Sweden, the United States, India, Qatar, UAE, Dubai and Malaysia also showed a keen interest in this technology. 



Dr. Wu Daohong stressed that Shenwu’s energy saving and low carbon technologies have the advantages of low investment cost, short investment recovery period, high economic benefits and less environmental pollution. Thus, it has tremendous development potential and wide market prospect. Shenwu is willing to cooperate with China Science & Merchants Capital Management to realize win-win development.


Co-president Li Weiqun said that it was a pleasure to visit Shenwu Group together with several SVPs. He showed his affirmation and praise to the achievements made by Shenwu on advanced technology research and development as well as patent invention. He pointed out that many of the revolutionary energy-saving and low-carbon innovation technologies of Shenwu are in a leading position both domestically and internationally. Shenwu should attach importance to the strategic protection of patents, especially overseas ones. In addition, as Shenwu has strong technology research, development and innovation capacity, it should establish its own standard institute to enhance its voice in standard setting.


Co-president Li Weiqun stressed that Shenwu energy saving & low carbon innovation technology is very mature, and judging from the performance of launched projects, its projects have good economic, environmental and social benefits fully in line with national industrial policies and economic development direction. Therefore, Shenwu’s technology is popular among the enterprises and local governments at various levels, and is favored by capital market. On the basis of strategic cooperation agreement signed by both parties, China Science & Merchants Capital Management should accelerate the implementation of substantive cooperation projects, speed up the popularization and application of Shenwu’s advanced technologies at home and abroad, and jointly promote transformation, upgrading and green development of global manufacturing industry.


At the exchange meeting, executives including Deputy General Manager Cheng Guohua and Deputy General Manager Ma Zhengmin of Beijing Shenwu Power Technology Co., Ltd. have conducted in-depth exchanges on the specific cooperation model and project plan of both sides.