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SRF technology reaches a leading level in the world


On Aug. 2, 2017, the committee of experts organized by CACE and with CAE Academician Jin Yong as the Director, unanimously passed the judgment that the overall process technology and equipment of ‘Shagang Group’s Demonstration Project for Comprehensive Disposal of Solid Waste with a Capacity of 300,000 t/y as well as Resource Cyclic Utilization’ adopting SRF direct reduction & clean smelting technology, Shenwu’s revolutionary and core energy-saving technology, has reached the international leading level.

Jiangsu Institute, the wholly-owned subsidiary of Shenwu Energy Saving, takes overall responsibility for the construction of ‘Shagang Group’s Demonstration Project for Comprehensive Disposal of Solid Waste with a Capacity of 300,000 t/y as well as Resource Cyclic Utilization’. This is the world's largest rotary-hearth-furnace production line for treating iron and zinc dust and Shenwu fully owns the proprietary intellectual property rights. The total investment of the project is about 256 million yuan, and it is able to annually treat 300,000 tons of iron and zinc dust, 200,000 tons of metallized pellets and 7,000 tons of zinc oxide powder. The project has operated continuously and stably for five years for iron and steel making, metallurgy and solid waste treatment. The average operation efficiency has reached 92.5%, and the average rate of pellets metallization is 85.6%. The rates of zinc removal and recovery have reached 95% on average respectively. The content of oxidized zinc powder collected by baghouse has reached above 60% on average. The indicators have shown that the project’s performance has reached the best level in the world. From 2014 to 2016, the newly increased output of Shagang Group was 880 million yuan, with a profit tax of 397 million yuan. It shows that the project has good economic and environmental benefits.



The key leaders and experts attending the project appraisal meeting include Jin Yong, CAE Academician and Professor of Tsinghua University, Ma Jun, Vice President of China Metallurgical Industry Planning and Research Institute, Zhou Yusheng, Former Chief Iron-making Expert of Baosteel and Chief Iron-making Expert of Central Iron & Steel Research Institute, Professor Wang Tianyi, Former Board Chairman of Hebei Iron & Steel Group and Former Executive Vice Chairman of The Chinese Society for Metals, Tsinghua Professor Zhang Huiqiang, USTB Professor Wang Chengyan, Miao Changmei, Secretary General of Jiangsu Association of Circular Economy, Liu Jian, Executive Director of the Board and the First Vice President of Shagang Group, Shi Yixin, General Manager Shagang Group, etc.  

According to Jin Yong, this is the first rotary-hearth-furnace production line for treating iron and zinc dust with completely independent intellectual property rights in China, and it can achieve cyclic utilization of iron and zinc dust. As the project is an important demonstrator for improving energy conservation and emission reduction performance of China’s iron and steel industry, he suggests popularizing the project among similar smelting enterprises ASAP. The project uses low-heating-value gas, has improved the combustion temperature in the furnace through regenerative combustion technology, and effectively increases the rate of pellet metallization. At the same time, the special design of the airflow field in the furnace has reduced the percentage of powered pellets and flying dust, and improved the grade and recovery of zinc powder. The technical indicators show that the project has performed well. 

Wang Tianyi, a member of the expert group and Former Chairman of Hebei Iron & Steel Group has introduced that the current scale of rotary hearth furnaces is not large in Japan or US and that each furnace can only treat 100,000 to 150,000 tons of products per year without major technical breakthrough. However, the rotary hearth furnace used in this project can treat 300,000 tons of products per year and its operation efficiency has exceeded 92%. Shenwu has solved many worldwide problems in treating zinc dust in steel and iron industry. 

According to Zhou Yusheng, a member of the expert group and Former Chief Iron-making Expert of Baosteel, Shenwu’s regenerative energy-saving rotary hearth furnace can make full use of the carbon contained in dust and it can not only recycle iron and zinc, but also substantially reduces energy consumption by above 27%. At the same time, it has solved world-class technical problems of low grade of zinc oxide and high metallization rate of reduced pellets as faced by America and Japan’s iron and steel industry for many years. The project has also realized efficient recycling of iron from solid wastes. It is significantly important to popularize such demonstration project of circular economy both at home and abroad. Zhou suggests entering the American market and metallurgy markets along the ‘Belt and Road Initiative’ ASAP. 

According to Shi Yixin, General Manager of Shagang Group, metallized pellets produced by this project are all used as raw materials for steelmaking; zinc oxide powder has high economic value and will generate good economic benefits.

This project is listed as "national science and technology support project in the 12th Five-Year Plan". The successfulapplication of this technology is a major breakthrough in treating solid wastes containing iron and non-ferrous metals. It has realized efficient cyclic utilization of iron and zinc dust from steel and non-ferrous industries, complying with the national concepts of innovation, coordination and green development.