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Chairman of Council of Business Promotion and Vice President of China 22MCC visit Shenwu


 On October 11, Wang Qinya, DGM of Shenwu Group, and Xie Jiang, Board Chairman of Shenwu Guangdong Company, gave a cordial reception to Chairman Lv Baomin and Vice Chairman Wang Xuebing of Council of Business Promotion from Papua, Indonesia to China, Vice President He Kunshan of China 22MCC and Deputy Manager Wang Aihua of Overseas Business Department of China 22MCC, etc. Both sides have an in-depth communication on strengthening cooperation in the project of energy conservation, environmental protection and comprehensive resource utilization in Indonesia.


 Chairman Lv Baomin, Vice President He Kunshan and other delegates first visited Shenwu Energy Saving & Atmospheric Haze Treatment Technology Laboratory, and debriefed an introduction to the operation principle, applicability of raw materials, economic efficiency of technology, environmental benefits and global and domestic industrialization promotion of Shenwu’s revolutionary technologies relating to acetylene-based coal chemical generation, direct reduction and clean smelting via shaft furnace, rapid pyrolysis coupling the process of converting organic solid wastes such as MSW, biomass, sludge and waste tires to "artificial oil, artificial natural gas, syngas and solid carbon", etc.



 At the exchange meeting, DGM Wang Qinya warmly welcomed Chairman Lv Baomin and Vice President He Kunshan. He pointed out that Shenwu Group is a leading enterprise in China's energy conservation and environmental protection field, and that its many revolutionary energy-saving and environmental protection technologies are in a leading position in the world. As "the 3rd generation waste disposal technology", Shenwu’s new technology pyrolyzes and converts household waste, biomass, sludge, waste tires, oil sludge and other organic solid wastes to "synthetic oil, synthetic gas, syngas and solid carbon" in an oxygen-free environment and through high temperature decomposition. This process won’t generate harmful substances such as dioxin or heavy-metal-bearing flying ash. This process has realized recycling, quantity-reduction and harmless treatment of organic solid wastes and has outstanding economic, environmental and social benefits. The technology is currently being rolled out rapidly at home and has aroused intense interest from governments and businesses in Sweden, the United States, India, Indonesia, Qatar, UAE and Malaysi, etc.


 He stressed that Shenwu Group actively responded to the "Belt and Road" initiative, continuously expanded foreign markets, and successfully participated in the construction and production launch of multiple projects for comprehensive resource utilization in Indonesia. In the future, Shenwu Group will be willing to rely on its own advanced technology, engineering management experience, and project operating experience, and will play a positive role in innovating business model and strengthening exchanges and cooperation with all parties in order to further broaden the south-east Asian markets such as Indonesia.


 At the exchange meeting, Chairman Lv Baomin detailed the development process of Council of Business Promotion of Papua, Indonesia to China and the achievements made in the promotion of economic and trade cooperation between Indonesia's Papua Province and China. He pointed out that Papua Province has rich coal and biomass resources and is the main producing area for Metroxylon Sagu in the world (Metroxylon Sagu is a specialty economic tree in Southeast Asia and can be used for producing high-end starch and fuel ethanol). Shenwu’s biomass pyrolysis technology and resource comprehensive utilization project can play a huge role in this area. Therefore, it is hoped that Shenwu’s high-tech resource development and comprehensive utilization project will be able to be implemented in Papua, so that the local resources can be turned into economic advantages, thus achieving mutual benefit and win-win results.


 At the meeting, Vice President He Kunshan introduced the development course of China 22MCC and the progress of its projects at home and abroad. He pointed out that China 22MCC is making positive response to the great "Belt and Road" initiative and is actively expanding markets in Southeast Asian countries such as Indonesia and Malaysia. Shenwu Group is a leading company in China's energy conservation and environmental protection field. It has a strong advantage in technology development and engineering transformation in the industry. Therefore, it is hoped that deepened cooperation with Shenwu Group will be carried out in resource development and comprehensive utilization project, and that both sides will jointly explore the markets of Indonesia, Malaysia and other countries along the ‘Belt and Road’ corridor.


 Council of Business Promotion of Papua, Indonesia to China is approved by the central government of Indonesia, and is a commerce and trade promotion agency stationed in China as authorized and funded by the Government of Papua, Indonesia.


 China 22MCC is affiliated to China Metallurgical Group Corporation, one of the world’s top 500 enterprises. It is a large and comprehensive enterprise group specializing in project contracting, real estate development, equipment manufacturing and resource development. Currently, the Group is entering the Indonesian market as well as other markets along the ‘Belt and Road’ corridor with its new look.