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A Strategic Cooperation Agreement signed btw CJTOUZI & Shenwu


 The strategic cooperation agreement between Hubei Province Changjiang Industry Investment Group Co., Ltd. (CJTOUZI) and Shenwu Group was signed at the headquarters of CJTOUZI on October 11, 2017. The signing ceremony was attended by Chairman He Dachun, Secretary of CPC CJTOUZI Committee, Dr. Wu Daohong, Chairman of Board of Directors of Shenwu Group, etc. 


 He Dachun first introduced the basic situation and business field of CJTOUZI, and said “as the provincial-level comprehensive investment and financing platform of Hubei, CJTOUZI has the unique advantage in the field of long-term investment and financing, and will strengthen all-round cooperation with Shenwu in terms of ecological industry and green development of Yangtze River Economic Zone to realize common development.”



 After introducing the basic situation and business development of Shenwu, Dr. Wu Daohong hoped to strengthen strategic cooperation with CJTOUZI, and fully utilize the advantages of Shenwu in technological R & D, engineering transformation and core equipment manufacturing to seize the strategic development opportunities that build the Yangtze River Economic Zone and the Triangle of Central China to strive to become an important force to promote ecological protection and green development of this Zone.


 According to the agreement, Shenwu Group will conduct a comprehensive strategic cooperation with CJTOUZI on Hubei’s green ecological projects (nearly 48 billion Yuan) that are under construction, planning or approval involving the pyrolysis of domestic waste, integrated deep processing of bamboo, comprehensive treatment of crop straw, treatment of scrap tires, plantation and efficient & comprehensive utilization of arundo, production of high-end alloy materials and acetylene-based coal chemicals. The cooperation will rely on CJTOUZI’s newly established Yangtze River Industry Fund to rapidly promote the application of Shenwu’s many revolutionary technologies in Hubei.


 Yangtze River Industry Fund was established by CPC Hubei Committee and Hubei Provincial Government in Dec. 2015. The size of the fund is RMB 200 billion, and its only mission is to develop the industry with a focus on fostering and developing the strategic emerging industries, and extensively integrating advantageous resources such as capital, projects and talents with a global vision to promote strategic emerging industries to achieve a breakthrough development in Hubei.