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Dr. Zhou Guozhi, Academician of the CAS Visits Shenwu


 On Oct 12th, Dr. Zhou Guozhi, Academician of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, and Physical Chemist of Metallurgy Materials; and Dr. Hu Xiaojun, State Key Laboratory of New Technology for Iron and Steel Metallurgy of University of Science and Technology Beijing came to Shenwu Group, who were warmly welcomed by Dr. Wu Daohong, Chairman of Board of Directors; and Xie Shanqing, Chief Engineer of the Shenwu Research Institute. The two sides had a deep discussion of issues including revolutionary and innovative technology of Shenwu Group and the World frontier metallurgy technology.



 Accompanied by Dr. Wang Zhenghua, vice president of the Shenwu Research Institute and Du Bin, Director of Government Affairs Department, the team led by Zhou Guozhi firstly visited Shenwu Energy Saving & Atmospheric Haze Treatment Technology Laboratory, heard introductions of operational principle, feedstock applicability, technology economy and environment benefit of several revolutionary and innovative technologies, including acetylene-based Coal Chemical Process, and new process for changing organic solid waste including municipal solid waste (MSW), biomass, sludge and waste tires into artificial petroleum & gas, syngas and solid carbon, as well as the industrialization promotion both home and abroad.


 During the meeting, Dr. Wu Daohong expressed warmly welcome to Academician Zhou Guozhi. He pointed out that Shenwu has been the leading enterprise in China’s energy saving and environment protection field, and several core technologies of its own R&D have been playing the leading role in the world. Shenwu’s energy-saving, low-carbon and environment protection and comprehensive application of resources have been widely applied to iron & steel, nonferrous metal, metallurgy, coal chemical and waste management, etc; New technology of direct reduction clean smelting technology with hydrogen shaft furnace, which fundamentally changed the situation of high energy consumption, high pollution and low profit problems of blast furnace iron-making process, and further guaranteed sustainable development of China’s economic society.


 Academician Zhou expressed his sincere gratitude to Shenwu’s warmly reception. He pointed out that he was glad to conduct investigation in innovative energy saving and environment protection enterprises like Shenwu. Taking regenerative high temperature air combustion (HTAC) and regenerative high temperature chemical reaction as the core, Shenwu applied its own R&D new technologies in energy saving and environment protection to various industry fields, it really made the right decision in strategic research development direction. Currently, several of Shenwu’s core technologies have been playing the leading role in the world, which filled the gap of technologies in the whole industry. He really wished Shenwu to carry forward craftsman spirit and entrepreneur spirit, forcefully strengthen the investment in scientific research, and promote technology innovation and engineering transformation, and make contributions to the strategy of constructing innovative country and implementing “China-made 2025”.


 Finally, Dr. Wu Daohong stressed that Shenwu would further increase technological investment, to ensure the internationally leading role of Shenwu technologies, accelerate engineering transformation and commercial promotion. We sincerely wish to cooperate with the team led by academician Zhou Guozhi and professor Hu Xiaojun, to jointly make contributions to the metallurgical achievements both home and abroad.