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Henry Wood Thrasher, Business Secretary of WV, Visits Shenwu


 On October 16th, two guests from West Virginia. US, including Henry Wood Thrasher, Business Secretary of West Virginia; and Dr. Sun Qingyun, Assistant Governor of West Virginia visited Shenwu. The visitors were given a warm reception by Chairman Dr. Wu Daohong and Senior Vice GM Deng Fuhai. The two sides conducted an in-depth exchange on strengthening economic and technical cooperation in the fields of energy, chemicals, biomass, metallurgy etc.



 Accompanied by Dr. Wu Daohong, the guests first visited Shenwu Energy Saving & Air Haze Treatment Technology Lab, and heard an introduction on the operation principle, feedstock applicability, technical economy, environmental benefits and global industrialization promotion status of Shenwu’s revolutionary innovative technologies, such as the new acetylene-based coal chemical process, new direct reduction clean smelting process with hydrogen shaft furnace, and new process for changing organic solid wastes (MSW, biomass, sludge, scrap tires etc.) into synthetic oil, synthetic NG, syngas and solid carbon.


 At the subsequent exchange meeting, Dr. Wu Daohong extended warm welcome to the visitors, and noted, “Shenwu, as the leader of China’s energy conservation and environmental protection field, has independently developed many revolutionary technologies, which are in the leading position in the world. For example, the new direct reduction clean smelting process with hydrogen shaft furnace can use low- and medium-rank coals, which completely solves many world problems arising from blast furnace iron-making such as high energy consumption, high pollution and low benefits; Shenwu’s new biomass pyrolysis treatment process can pyrolyze biomass in a regenerative anoxybiotic environment to produce renewable resources like synthetic NG, synthetic oil, syngas and solid carbon, and no harmful substances like dioxin and heavy-metal-bearing fly ash will be generated during the whole process. This process has attracted great interest from governments and enterprises all over the world including America, India, Indonesia, Malaysia, Qatar, UAE and Sweden, thus it has broad market prospect.



 After expressing gratitude for the warm reception, Henry Wood Thrasher said, “Shenwu’s core energy saving and low-carbon technology is very attractive. West Virginia is not only the major coal state in the United States, but also the world's second largest shale gas field, and has also rich forest resources. The federal and state governments have planned West Virginia as the new energy and chemical base in the United States, and Shenwu’s technologies exactly focus on chemical industry development direction based on coal, shale gas and biomass, therefore the cooperation between the two sides will be the perfect combination of resources and technology, which will be of great importance to increase employment, and promote economic growth of West Virginia. The government of West Virginia will communicate closely with United States Department of Energy, mainstream enterprises and research institutions to actively create convenient conditions for Shenwu to cooperate with American governments at different levels, enterprises and scientific research institutions in technology, energy and chemical fields.”