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Director of CIECC visits Shenwu


 On October 17, Director Zhu Liyang and Deputy Director Zhang Yingjian of Resources and Environment Industry Department of China International Engineering Consulting Corporation (hereinafter referred to as "CIECC") visited Shenwu and were given a warm reception by Wang Qinya, DGM of Shenwu Group and Dr. Wang Zhenghua, Vice President of Shenwu Central Research Institute. The two sides carried out thorough exchange on strengthening cooperation in the fields of energy conservation and environmental protection, comprehensive utilization of resources and so on.



 Accompanied by Dr. Wang Zhenghua and Du Bin, General Director of Department of Government Affairs of Shenwu Group, Director Zhu Liyang and other guests first visited Shenwu Energy Saving & Atmospheric Haze Treatment Technology Laboratory, and debriefed an introduction to the operation principle, applicability of raw materials, economic efficiency of technology, environmental benefits and global and domestic industrialization promotion of Shenwu’s several revolutionary technologies relating to acetylene-based coal chemical generation, direct reduction and clean smelting via hydrogen shaft furnace, converting organic wastes such as household waste, biomass, sludge and waste tires to artificial oil, artificial natural gas, syngas and solid carbon. 


 At the exchange meeting, DGM Wang Qinya first extended a warm welcome to Director Zhu Liyang and other delegates. He pointed out that Shenwu has been committed to research and development and promotion of regenerative high temperature air combustion technology and regenerative high temperature chemical reaction technology for over 20 years. According to him, Shenwu plans to promote energy conservation and low carbon development in China by way of improving energy efficiency from the source, and has been playing an active role in promoting transformation and upgrading of coal, steel, metallurgy, solid waste treatment, biomass energy and etc. As the core enterprise owned by SASAC, CIECC is the largest comprehensive engineering consulting organization in China and has a great influence on investment and construction in China and abroad. Shenwu Group is willing to strengthen communication and exchanges with CIECC. Both sides will give full play to their advantages in advisory services, technology research and development, transformation and core equipment manufacturing, and enhance efficient and pragmatic cooperation in order to achieve a win-win situation ASAP.


 According to Director Zhu Liyang, Shenwu Group, under the leadership of Dr. Wu Daohong, is in constant pursuit of innovation, strives for the best and is making efforts to use its own revolutionary energy conservation and environmental protection technologies in needed industries. Shenwu has not only made a great contribution in the field of energy conservation and emissions reduction, climate change tackling, air pollution prevention and control of solid waste, waste disposal and comprehensive utilization of resources, but is also a benchmark in the constant pursuit of innovation research and development, which may be a big gap between the Chinese enterprises and foreign enterprises in this regard. But as entrepreneurs like Dr. Wu Daohong can combine the two, China has caught up with and surpassed many developed countries and many of its patents and technologies are in the forefront edge of the world.


 According to Director Zhu Liyang, value of Shenwu’s orders enlarged from only hundreds of thousands of or millions of RMB to hundreds of billions of RMB in just 21 years; through such a lot of research and engineering practice, Shenwu Group has better knowledge of coal. Although coal combustion has a history of thousands of years, our understanding of coal has still been in the initial stage for the past sixty, fifty, twenty or ten years. That is to say, we only burn coal in different ways. However, Shenwu’s technology takes coal as a chemical material. Coal resource is abundant in our country, and is enough to be used in 200 years. But carbon dioxide is the largest contributor to climate change. Thus, we dare not use coal. Coal can cause pollution, which is true. However, it should not be used in the way of burning only. The added value of it as raw material has yet to be recognized and developed. Shenwu is at the forefront of the world. We know that many coal enterprises are trying the advanced mining of coal and advanced deep processing. However, they lag far behind Shenwu in coal recognition and exploration. Shenwu’s ideal and faith is worth learning to everybody. The idea of "ecological priority and green development path" proposed by President Xi Jinping is to use minimum resource for maximum economic value, social value and environmental value. What Shenwu is doing is fully in consistence with the new thinking and new strategy of President Xi Jinping. Multiplication plan proposed by NDRC is to improve efficiency and conserve resources. In fact, it is to make technological innovation. We hope to strengthen cooperation with Shenwu as soon as possible.


 As the core enterprise owned by SASAC, CIECC is the largest comprehensive engineering consulting organization in China, and is an important consulting service enterprise providing scientific decision to the investment and construction projects of the Central Govt. Since its establishment, CIECC has completed more than 50,000 consulting businesses entrusted by all levels of governments and enterprises, involving a total investment of more than 70 trillion Yuan. It has made a great contribution to China's rapid economic development for the past thirty years.